Travel Safely!

We just recently got back from a business trip to Chicago for the Financial Blogger Conference. We had a wonderful time and it was our first adventure as a family. […]

3 Ways to Tour Cities for Free

Exploring a new city for your vacation and want to see some unique spots? Here are three ways to get a free city tour!  How to Take a Free City […]

New York City Trip Recap

Vacation Expenses and Deals I’ve been relatively quiet online lately – we’re heading back from an anniversary trip and I wanted to unplug and relax this time. I thought it’d be […]

Purchasing Travel Insurance

You don’t see them much anymore but airports used to have machines for purchasing flight insurance. They made me nervous because you don’t want to think about a negative outcome […]

How to Pack for Vacations

I’m not fond of flying mainly because of the uncertainty of customer service we’ll get. We’ve had wonderful service and we’ve had some bad service that I hope we avoid […]