Video Games

Saving Money on Video Games

Last night after having a wonderful dinner at one of our favorite Thai restaurants, my husband and I decided to stop by Game Stop. We decided to pick up Arkham City. How We Buy Our Video Games We both enjoy playing video games and it was a title we were looking forward to for this year. […]

E3: Day 2 Review

The fun continued at E3 as I got to explore the exhibit floor a bit more. Music was the big theme of my day as I got to try out some music themed games. Rock Band 3 If you’ve haven’t gotten into Rock Band too much, but you love music then I think Rock Band […]

E3: Day 1 Review

We had an incredible time at E3 yesterday! There were a ton of people who were just excited as I was to see the latest and the greatest in the electronic entertainment industry.     Hanging Out at Nintendo’s Booth As soon as the doors opened, I went directly to the booth for Nintendo to get in line for […]

Mass Effect Guide to Finances

E3 is happening this week, I thought it would be great to incorporate video games with this week’s posts. Have ever felt overwhelmed when dealing with finances? Have you’ve considered creative approaches to meeting those challenges? Believe it or not, Mass Effect has some good financial advice tucked away with the game. I’m sharing a few of them. 😀 […]

E3 2010 on Couple Money

This week’s review is from Los Angeles. It’s exciting because E3 is happening this week! My husband and I love to play video games, so E3 is something we look forward to. I’m trying to juggle catching some games from the World Cup, sight seeing, and catching up with E3 events. We’ll figure something out. […]

What We Spend Money On: Video Games

I was messing around Bundle for a post idea and I got distracted by checking out the charts on how other couples spend their money in Raleigh. It kind of inspired me for a post here on Couple Money. I was thinking I could share some of our discretionary expenses from time to time. It would be […]