Weekly Round Up

Sharing My Financial Reviews

Lately I’ve received questions from readers and companies about doing more reviews on the site. There are many financial services, products, and sites out right now. My husband and I use some of them to help organize and build finances such as ING Direct, Mint, and Lynda.com. One of my goals is to maintain the […]

2011 Financial Blogger Conference

Financial Blogger Conference in Chicago It’s a beautiful, but chilly Saturday morning here in Chicago. I’m slowly getting up to attend the Financial Blogger conference. Meeting bloggers has been the highlight of this event so far as Raleigh’s personal finance realm is a bit small (we do have a dedicated few though!), so I was excited […]

Our Baby Girl is Here!

She’s Here! Last Sunday my husband and I met and welcomed our baby girl. It was something we were looking forward to and tried our best to prepare for, but nothing can prepare you for the actual moment. We’re happy to report that she’s in great shape and she’s already growing up so quickly. To say it’s […]

Welcome Wayward Googlers!

As I write here on Couple Money, I look for ways to discover what topics interest readers so I can include more of them on the site. Besides comments, emails, and tweets, I also check to see what phrases on search engines bring people over. It’s fascinating to see what information people are looking for. Many times […]

Buying the Crib!

We’re having a laid back weekend filled with family as both of our mothers will be in town to visit. It’s always nice to hang with family and with the baby’s arrival only two months away I’m noticing more and more visits from our parents :) We’re also going to take advantage of a sale and grabbing […]

Married Food is Live!

It’s a beautiful day here in North Carolina and it is even better with the windows open. My allergies have died down and I’m getting ready to start my last trimester. That means I can be outside more and enjoy the warmer weather and the pool when it opens this month. I’m also excited today […]

Painting the Baby’s Room

Another weekend, another baby project for us. For this weekend, we painted the main color for the baby room. We had family come up and assist with the project and as a ‘reward’ we provided the food – seafood paella and apple pie for dessert. Now that the big painting has been done, our artsy and crafty […]

Netbook Giveaway – Winners Announced!

I’m happy to announce the winners for the Financial Freedom giveaway.  Forest from Frugal Zeigiest won the grand prize! Here’s what Forest won with the giveaway: HP Mini Ice Berry Netbook Intel Atom N455 Processor 250GB 7200RPM SATA hard drive Multi-format Digital Media Card Reader for SD, MMC, Memory Stick and Memory Stick Pro media cards […]