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Living off of Cash, Not Credit?

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Last week, I covered getting out of credit card debt. I tackled some ways you can dig yourself out of debt without paying a debt consolidation company.

Now I wanted to talk about the pros and cons of using credit cards with your finances. 

There are a few personal finance bloggers who are very vocal on credit cards. Instead of finding some middle ground, they kind of fall into two camps:  

I've been weighing the pros and cons of using credit cards and wanted to see what you guys think on the subject.

Living Off of Cash and Not Credit

We live a cashless society for many things. It's become standard to swipe your debit or credit card at check out. I rarely see people use checks in my day to day routine.

When I use ‘cash' in this post I'm also referring to debit cards which is limited by the amount you have in your bank account.

Living a life without credit cards is possible and comes with some benefits and inconveniences.

You Spend Less Money with Cash

It's a pretty bold statement, but generally it's true. If you pay with cash for your goods, then you're expected to spend less than your peer who uses a credit card.

One thought shared from the authors:

“The studies suggest that less transparent payment forms tend to be treated like [play] money and are hence more easily spent (or parted with)”

Have you found this to be true for you? Do you spend less with a cash system?

Avoid Credit Card Companies' Fees and High Interest Rates

Wall Street Journal ran an article last week on how credit card companies are getting more bold with new fees and consumers have to decide if they want to make up or break up with them. In fact,

Some Citigroup Inc. customers have seen their credit limits cut, their interest rates jump as high as 29.99% or their cards canceled altogether.

Last month, Bank of America, another large card issuer, said it is testing annual fees ranging from $29 to $99 on a small number of card holders, which may include some who pay their bills in full every month.

Companies are skyrocketing fees and interest rates to improve their profits.  

I can see how this motivates people to get rid of their credit cards altogether. It's completely valid in my opinion to not want to deal with companies that do this as a policy.

There is a big difference between making a profit and taking advantage of your customers.

No Credit Cards = Simplifies Finances

I'm not saying that having credit cards is a huge increase on your financial managment, but it does increase it to some degree, depending on your method.

Having one credit card is a minor addition to the finance chart.

Do Rewards Add Up? Run the Numbers

You see the 5% cash back for some cards, but is it a really a good deal? Have you ran the numbers to see if it works out in your favor?

Using Credit Cards to Maximize Your Rewards

On the other side of the table, some bloggers have written about how they use credit cards to earn money and rewards.

It is possible to take advantage of credit cards and balance transfers.

Credit Card Perks

Many people don't realize they can receive some great perks from their credit card companies.

Those who use credit cards for the rewards typically are aware of them and take full advantage when possible.

What kind of benefits can you get with big purchases with credit cards?

In many cases, you can automate your price protection for free, and you might even qualify for a free extended warranty…

What few people realize is that, simply by paying with a credit card, you may already be getting an extended warranty. For example, the American Express Buyer’s Assurance program doubles the manufacturer’s warranty up to an additional year. Many MasterCard- and Visa-branded cards offer something similar.

Why pay for something that you’re already getting? Call the customer service number on the back of your credit card and ask about their extended warranty policy. Just be sure to save your receipts, as you’ll need proof of purchase to make your claim.

Money Green Life offered his take on Chase Freedom Ultimate rewards. What other benefits does your credit card offer?

Holds Aren't a Big Issue with Credit Cards

If your check card has a hold, such as a car rental,you may not be able to access your money for a few days. That can be a hassle if you have upcoming purchases.

On the other hand, you can put it on your credit card and then pay it off from checking with online bill pay.

These may change as more people request having debit cards accepted for reservations.

Employers and Insurance Companies Look at Your Credit Score

With FICO becoming more pervasive, there has been an increase with insurance companies and some employers checking your credit score.

FICO scores can be lower if you close your credit cards and lower your credit utilization.

For some people, that's not a big deal as they are not focusing on FICO scores, but it could be a problem for you.

Protection with Credit Cards?

Yahoo Finance had a piece last week on some dangers of only using your debit cards.

Credit Cards: A Family Decision

Right now, we have a credit card between the two of us. It's paid off every month and we use it occasionally to keep it open.

I don't plan to play the game with rewards and cashback. It just seems like too much hassle at this time. We're happy with our decision, but we're willing to adjust.

How do you guys deal with credit cards?

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