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What to Do If You Lose Your Credit Card

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With summer vacation coming up, it's good to prepare yourself for possible emergencies. Learn what you need to do if you lose your credit card on your trip.

Lost Credit Card

On a recent trip I was picking up the restaurant tab and realized there was an empty spot in my wallet where my preferred credit card is stored.

Thinking it was in my purse somewhere I wasn’t too concerned.  Twenty minutes later I was starting to panic.

Without my credit card, I didn’t have the number to report it lost.  Being out of town meant I didn’t have previous billing statements either.

Here’s what I learned about dealing with a lost credit card.

Recall Last Use

I retraced my steps that weekend to remember when I had used the card.  The last time I used it was to pay the checked luggage fee at the airport.

This enabled me to check the purse and carry-on I had in my hands at the the time.  Unfortunately, the card wasn't there.

Call Business Where You Last Used Card

I can’t imagine how hard it would be to get through to the airline counter at the airport and didn’t even try.

However, we have had success with this step in the past when my husband left his credit card at a restaurant.

Report Lost Card

Contact the credit card issuer as soon as possible.  I ended up using the bank's website to locate the 24 hour customer service phone number.

Another option if you don't have internet access is to call information.

Even better would have been to have a list of contact numbers for every credit card normally carried.

Ironically, the bank was taking advantage of the holiday weekend to upgrade their computer systems and asked me to call back at noon.

Travel with a Spare Credit Card

If that had been my only credit card, it would have been an embarrassing moment at the restaurant.  Instead I used my secondary credit card and avoided asking someone else to pay.

This story has a happy ending as I found the credit card in the pocket of my jacket later that morning.

Thoughts on Losing Credit Cards

This experience taught me a couple of lessons. The first? I had to learn what to do if I had lost my card.

I also learned to take the time to protect myself and put the card in the right place.

Have you ever  had a credit card lost or stolen and did you learn any other tips?

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