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50/50 Challenge Finalists Announced!

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I can't believe the month of November is over! It's now time to announce the 50/50 Challenge finalists.

Why I Started the 50/50 Challenge

Too many personal finance bloggers focus on either cut expenses to the bone or how to make money online. Neither is wrong, but truthfully most of us need to do both. I wanted to encourage both frugality and entrepreneurship.

What's the Prize? Kindle Fire!

We’re giving away a Kindle Fire! This is a big challenge to undertake and I think it deserves a fun prize. For those not familiar with the Kindle Fire, here are some features:

I believe that having Kindle is a sweet little prize. I hope the winner enjoys using it.

50/50 Challenge Finalists

After reviewing everyone's goals and their progress, I feel really good about who picked. My original plan was to go with 5 finalists, but when I looked at all the comments, I saw that 4 stood out. Here are my reasons for picking the finalists.

I picked each of them for a few reasons:
  • Big Goal: Believe it or not, I expected people to set goals of $100-$200 range. These finalists have surpassed that and went big on their goals.
  • Regular Updates: I appreciated reading their updates. They were inspiring and exciting to read as I went through the Challenge myself.
  • Hard Work: They made sacrifices to reach their goals and didn't make any excuses. Whether they made the goal was my focus, it was the work involved.

Ok, here's what you've been waiting for – the finalist list!

Congrats to all of them for their effort. I wish all of the the best.

Pick the Winner

Now it's up to you to decide who's the 50/50 Champion. I'll need your votes to decide who gets the prize. Please leave your pick in the comments below. Not required, but I'd also love to hear why you pick that person. Did they inspire you? Were they creative with finding extra money? I also ask that you could spread the word on your favorite on Twitter and Facbook.

You'll have until December 4, 2011 (11:59 PM Eastern) to vote. After tallying and confirming I'll announce the winner on Couple Money. Best wishes to all of our finalists!

Thoughts on the 50/50 Challenge

What do you think about the 50/50 Challenge? Should I do it again sometime? Any suggestions on making it better?

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