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I started this site 6 months ago and I'm so grateful for the support that has been shown.

A lot has happy in the last 6 months, going from house hunting to moving out of our apartment while the dispute with the new place went on (they raised the rent too high), finding a temporary apartment, and then moving from there to the townhouse when everything cleared out.

I was working my freelance job and a temporary job since we were getting a place.

I joined The Yakezie Challenge and have met some wonderful bloggers.  I also ended up selling a website I created and worked on for years to focus on projects like Couple Money.

It's been a great six months and I wanted to have a contest as a way of saying thank you.

Netbook Giveaway

Since this website is about working towards financial freedom by following your passions, I wanted to have a prize that would be practical for Couple Money readers and help them on their own journey.

What can you do with a netbook?

I know many of you blog, so having a netbook to travel and write can be a handy thing.

Some of you want to build up freelance work; you can work on side projects during or lunch breaks. Perhaps you want to organize a fundraiser for a personal cause, having a netbook is a handy tool.

The point is many of you are creative and driven people so I think giving a netbook would be a great prize.

For those who are curious about the netbook, here are some specs:

Asus 10.1″ Netbook – Crystal Black

  • Windows 7 Starter
  • Processor Type: Intel Atom
  • Hard Drive Capacity: 250 GB

Netbook Kit

  • Black neoprene bag with pockets for flash drives and small accessories
  • Optical mini mouse with USB interface
  • Self-powered USB hub distributes power equally among four ports

Contest Rules

All you have to do to get a chance to win is simply subscribe to Couple Money either with email updates or through RSS and follow me on twitter (if you win, I'll contact you by Twitter DM).

If you can receive up to 3 extra entries by:

  • Tweeting to all your Twitter followers about the contest by tweeting the following: “@Elle_CM is giving away a netbook and kit for Couple Money readers! #couplemoney”  ==> Please include hashtags so I can count your entry
  • Posting a link on your Facebook account about the contest
  • Post a link on your blog about the contest

Please leave a comment below if you post a Facebook link or blog link, so I can verify.

In order to  qualify to win, you have to subscribe and follow me on Twitter. I’ll be drawing the winner on Friday, March 26, 2010. I’ll direct message the winner on Twitter and I’ll announce the winner after confirmation on my blog.  The winner has 48 hours to contact me so we can have their prize sent to them.

Best of Couple Money

If you’re a new subscriber to Couple Money, here are some of my favorite posts that have been popular with others.

Thank you again for being a reader and member of the community!

About Elle Martinez

Elle Martinez helps families at Couple Money achieve financial freedom by sharing tips for reducing debt, increase income, and building net worth. Learn how to live on one income and have fun with the second..

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  1. Incredible contest! Just tweeted, posted on FB, and subscribed via RSS. Site link will happen this weekend.

  2. Thank you for the creative giveaway. I have tweeted (http// and subscribed to your RSS feed (I was actually already subscribed). I will add a posting to my blog this evening.

    Have fun with your contest!

  3. RSS, Twitter follow, retweeted

    FB and posting will come this weekend 🙂

    Great schwag — don’t need a netbook, but very intrigued by them anyways. Wondering if I could get it to run Mac OSX…

  4. Elle:

    You’ve hit two home runs with your recent ProBlogger guest post and now this incredible giveaway!

    Subscribed to RSS Feed, Posted to Twitter, & Linked through Facebook.

  5. Thanks everyone for entering and being a Couple Money reader! I’m really excited about this and I’m hoping that it will be a fun contest 🙂

  6. I can use this so badly since my laptop decided to up and die 1 year and 16 days out of warranty UGH!!! So mad! Anyways, I subscribe via google reader and I follow you on twitter (wrestlingaddict). Thanks for the great giveaway!

  7. Well, I tweeted, followed you, and subscribed to the newsletter….can’t do facebook because I gave Facebook up for Lent! 🙂 Great site, and great giveaway!

  8. Subscribed Via RSS and I am already following you on Twitter. Congrats on all your recent accomplishments

  9. What a cool contest! I subscribed via email. I already follow you on Twitter, but I did retweet. And I posted the link on Facebook 🙂

  10. I’m already an RSS subscriber and I tweeted.
    I’ll post my FB link and blog link this evening

    I was planning to get one of these in the near future so this would come in handy!

  11. Thanks, just stumbled upon your blog. Look forward to reading more. Will follow you on twitter.

  12. Good stuff Elle! So proud of your progress, your sale of the site, your new place, and tomorrow’s post!!!! Forgot to use the #couplemoney hash, oops 🙂

    Great job on your progress in The Yakezie.



  13. Great blog! Exciting contest! Thank you! I just tweeted, joined by RSS feed, blogged and linked to FB (IntuitiveEncounters profile).

  14. Tweeted, subscribed, mentioned on facebook, and will post about it later this week! Hope the contest brings all the attention your site deserves!

  15. I subscribed, tweeted, and hope to put a link sometime this week =)

    Congrats on all the cool things happening in your life right now! =P

  16. I subscribe by RSS feed and am following on Twitter (atlantagalknows)

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  18. Subscribed via RSS and following you on twitter (@tcita). Excited about being a new follower to your site!

  19. RSS…check
    FB link…check
    Blog post…coming soon 🙂

    On aother note, this is my first time here, came over from Matt at DFA. Looking around and getting excited. Looks like a great site you have here. Looking forward to the feeds 🙂

  20. I just followed you on Twitter and retweeted your contest! Good site!

  21. Hey found you through ManVsDebt on Twitter, I’m now following you too!

    Link posted on facebook, RSS subscribed. Brilliant!

  22. RSS & following you on Twitter. found your site from DFA.

  23. I found your site from ProBlogger. I subscribe to couple money via email updates & I’m following you on twitter.

  24. Happy 6 months anniversary! Thanks for this extra entry… I already tweeted about your contest… 🙂

  25. Subscribed and following and tweeted! Thanks for the great site and contest! Inspiring!

  26. Congrats on 6 months. Tweeted and put on my Facebook page. Will mention in this week’s roundup.

  27. Thanks for offering such a great contest.

    I just subscribed via RSS and am following on Twitter.

  28. I added you to my Google Reader & am now following you on Twitter (I’m @KYouell). I also tweeted, but I added a “.” to the beginning of your suggested text so that people other than you and I (and those who follow both of us) would see it. 🙂

  29. Congratulations on your six months blogging here! I was already following you on twitter, I tweeted and I’ve just subscribed by RSS. I’ll link to you tomorrow in my weekly Friday Finds post. Also, congratulations on your Problogger post!

  30. Nice to meet you! Great giveaway; I’m always looking for great new (to me) PF sites.

    I tweeted, I subscribed via email, and I facebooked the giveaway!

    Will let you know if I get a blog post up…!

  31. Congratulations on six months with this blog! What a wonderful giveaway.

    I am a RSS subscriber, twitter follower and retweeted.

  32. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

    I’m subscribed, following and have tweeted.

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  35. Hey Elle, gotcha via RSS, Twitter, Retweeted and an FB link (click on Website). Congrats on your 6 months.

  36. Subscribed and tweeted, congratulations on your first 6 months, may the next be even more successful.

  37. I’ve subscribed and following you on twitter….love to win this for my 15 yr. old daughter. If I win, please email me, I check my emails more often than twitters….

  38. I’ve added to my RSS and I’ve also Retweeted you. I’ve also added you to my twitter account. I look forward to reading your post.


  39. I read via RSS and I added you to twitter. Good thing I checked. I thought I was already following you!

    I also retweeted, posted to my facebook page, and included your link in my Friday Roundup.

    Happy 6 months!

  40. I subscribed via email & following on twitter now also (fantacydawn) 🙂 Thank you for the chance to win & CONGRATS on your 6th month anniversary!

  41. I’m a subscriber and twitter follower: @atweetmom
    Congrats on the anniversary!

  42. I follow you on twitter – I am @helobuff and I subscribed to you emails! I would love this. My old desktop is barely hanging on.

  43. -Posted on Blog – CHECK re-tweeted and following – CHECK

    I posted on FB but my profile is private, so I’ll forgo that one 🙂

    And of course, I’ve been following you via RSS since the first time J.D. Roth featured you – I love reading your guys’ posts because we just got married and we’re on the same page! so, CHECK!

    Congrats again on your 6th month anniversary!

  44. Congradulations on your success in such a short period of time! It is always great to hear about someones success’s on this journey we call life. I’m now following you on twitter and retweeted as well and also posted a link on Facebook. This is a fantastic prize to win, I wish you much more continued success in the future. Have a Great Day!

  45. Hola Elle, will highlight this giveaway in my Katana wrap, but what I’m really proud to highlight is your GP on Problogger! I tweeted this as well, but forgot to include the #couplemoney.

    Look at that spike in your Alexa graph! 🙂

    Thnx, Sam

  46. Great giveaway. I really would like to own one. Thanks.

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  48. I subscribe via email and follow on twitter – Thanks!
    Congrates on your 6 months. This is a great contest that you are doing.

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  50. Thanks to everyone who has helped with the giveaway! I’m grateful for all the support for it. I’m meeting so many new bloggers and love discovering some fantastic blogs.

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    I hope I can help a little. I’ve shared this site on facebook and my blog (website given)
    Good luck on your success!!

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  62. waw great one i wish if i can have it :'( i really really really i mean really need it i dont have laptop and i cant afford it if only i could have it .. It will definitely change my life completly … Iam from Sudan i dont think i will win any way :'(

  63. i subscribe via email
    please contact me via email if i win not twitter

  64. tweeted and posted on Facebook (Carol Sorensen)

    This would be great for my sons to do their homework while I do my volunteer webmistressing and my own school work. Its always a fight and a hassle to get everyone’s work done.

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