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I'm in Virginia visiting family, so today's tip is brief. During Black Friday weekend ING Direct usually has specials on new bank accounts and this was no different. I want to share an email I received. Hopefully you can get a better bank account and earn a bit of a bonus.

  • Earn $107 when you open Electric Orange checking
  • The Black Friday SaleGrab a $27 bonus with a new Kids Savings Account
  • Get $32 with MONEY, an account parents and teens manage together
  • Open a ShareBuilder account and get $100 after your first 2 trades
  • Roll over your old 401(k) into a ShareBuilder IRAand get a $100 bonus

Our personal favorite is ING Direct which we currently use for most of our banking needs. We recommend ING Direct for several reasons and have been happy customers for years. If you want to open a checking account with them now is a good time as they've doubled their usual bonus.

They also have over 35,000 in their free ATM network which makes it incredibly convenient to access our money.

Now that they're offering paper checks with their Electric Orange accounts it's become the best checking account that we have – handling all our needs and offering bonuses.

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  1. I’ve checked out ING Direct several times but never opened an account. I’m a bit uneasy using an online bank as I’ve banked with local banks for 40 years. Based on your glowing recommendation I will head to their site and take a serious look.

    Monday check in ~

    WEEK ENDING 11/27/11

    CRAIGSLIST: $120
    Sky chairs $60
    Listing bonus $60

    Foreign Currency Fee Litigation Settlement

    PG& E: $30
    ‘Service Guarantee Program’ rebate
    My power went out at 9:30 am a couple weeks ago and didn’t come back on until 4:30 pm. I contacted PG&E and they told me they sent a letter about a ‘planned outage’. I told them I hadn’t received any letter and they told me they’d check into the issue. Apparently there was some mix up and I was not on the ‘notify list’. Their solution to customer satisfaction is this credit to my account for $30.


    I’m now ahead of my goal by $472! Weekly tracking has made such a difference in my awareness. My husband and I are now doing daily ‘financial check-ins’, 5 minute updates about our income and projections for the week/day. We keep it positive and light and do weekly ‘financial meetings’ to get down to the nitty-gritty.