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Looking at winning some money to reach your goal sooner?

Enemy of Debt and Life Insurance Finder the life insurance comparison experts have partnered up have teamed up to offer the $500 Debt Free Bucket List Giveaway.

Since I love competitions, I signed up for it by sharing my own bucket list.

My Debt Free Bucket List

Some of these were ideas I wrote about if I had a million dollars. The great thing about being completely debt free is that you don't have to wait to be a millionaire to start on your goals.

  1. Take care of our daughter's financial needs. Not exactly exciting, but it would be nice to have some money socked away for her for college, trade school, or a business she'd like to start.
  2. Spend a month abroad for an extended vacation every six months. Still deciding on where to go first (New Zealand, Spain, and South Korea are at the top of my list), but I really would like to have a change of pace and kind of sample a culture.
  3. Start a giving fund. I want to help others, but I feel like passing out lump sums would go too quickly and wouldn’t do much. I would set aside money to set up a charity to pass out a small amount of money perpetually.

What about you? If you were completely debt free, what would be on your list?

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  1. I love this idea… I would definitely work less and spend more time with friends and family, which would involve some travel!

    • Thanks- I just heard that Shannyn has her prize delivered. I love doing these giveaways. My plan is to do more exclusive Couple Money Newsletter giveaways through out the year.

  2. We need this kind of reminder considering the state of our affairs today. thanks for being that “reminder”. Cheers,

  3. I would buy my dream car. I’m currently waiting to pay off my home before I buy the car of my dreams.