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Looking to pay off your debt faster? See how you can find and build a community to support you on your debt free journey!

The Power of Community with Dumping Your Debt Faster

This month is all about paying off debts. Instead of talking about debt snowballs and avalanches, apps or sites, we're going to look at the community; specifically the support network you may or may not have and how it can affect your success. 

Toni Husbands is joining us today. She’s the creator of debt free divas and author of the book, The Great Debt Dump: Running Toward Financial Freedom with the Power of Community.

Besides knowing the stats and studies about getting out of debt. Toni has personal experience with becoming debt free.

If her voice sounds familiar it's because Toni was on the podcast before when she shared her family’s story of dumping six figures of debt. She had an added challenge because her husband Colin wasn’t on board at first.

So if you're in a similar boat, I think you’ll enjoy this conversation where Toni discusses how to find and build up a community to support one another with dumping debt!

Resources to Dump Your Debt Faster

Tired of being in debt? Here are some resources to help you dump it.

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Key Takeaways

Before we wrap up, I want to share a few takeaways from the discussion with Toni, I think would be really helpful for your own debt free journey. 

  • Accountability can be a huge boost.
  • Develop systems and habits to help you overcome those tough times. 
  • Short term goals can build momentum and motivation.

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I want this year to be an incredible year for you and your family!

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