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How to Stay Motivated with Paying Off Debt

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Dealing with a mountain of debt? Use these tips to stay motivated so you can reach your debt free goals faster!

Today is a good day. As I went to check our accounts and schedule some payments, I noticed that our federal and state tax refunds finally came in.

Like I mentioned Monday, we sat down and chatted about what we wanted to do with the money. It didn't take too long as we were both on the same page.

We're using most of the money to pay down the student loan and we're using the rest to buy an entertainment center.

Go Away Debt

Getting rid of the student loan is one of our major goals for the year. Looking at the numbers, these tax refunds give a nice boost to our debt elimination plan.

Between the cash we used from the car sale and the refunds we're able to knock down the student loans by 18%.

If we keep to our planned payments (the scheduled student loan payments plus our extra $175/month we re-directed from the extra mortgage payments) we'd be able to take about 20% off the student loan.

That means if we simply stay on our current plan we'll eliminate about 38% of the student loan by December!

That's without using any extra income we may earn this year – some great progress to be sure.

While I certainly feel good that we are taking down this loan,  I can honestly say that paying down debt is boring.

Staying motivated is vital as we finish up on our last non-mortgage debt.

Motivation to Pay Off Debt

Everyone has their own methods to staying motivated with paying down debt. For me, I have to have support for those times when it just seems so much more fun to use the money in other pursuits, like taking an awesome vacation.

Here are a few things that keeps me on target:

As I write here on couple Money, my hope is that I add a bit of encouragement and practical to getting out of debt as I've received from others.

Thoughts on Staying Motivated

I'd love to hear from those who have found ways to keep themselves motivated and are achieving their goals. What has worked for you? How do you two stay on target?

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