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How Much Should You Tip?

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Going out for dinner and drinks or taking a trip? Here's an easy gratuity guide to help you know how much to tip! 

As we're preparing for our trip to Denver this week, we're going over our budget for a few things we'd like to do.

It's not a line by line budget, but a threshold we use to make sure we don't go overboard while we're having a good time.


We'll be able to have some date nights that we're looking forward to. Tonight we're looking over menus and deciding on a few spots we'd like to try out.

Besides considering the cost of the meal itself, we're also taking into accounts tips.

We're frugal, but we're not cheap.

However, with so many options out there and seemingly every register having a tip jar beside it, it can be confusing to figure out how much to tip.

So I want to share a quick and easy guide on gratuity for when you're out and about.

You can watch me break them down in this week’s Marriage and Money Tips or check out my take right below!

Easy Gratuity Guide for Busy Couples

Like most people, I knew about how much to tip a waiter at the restaurants but didn't know much about other services.

In general, I tip 20% when I go out to eat at a restaurant unless the service is sub-par.

Having been a server I know that they give some of that tip money to the hostess or the busboy.

For everything else, I've either had to ask friends what they tip, searched online, or just asked the person themselves.

To help simplify things, I've rounded up some of the customary tips for services that many people use throughout the year.

I'm just highlighting some of the more common amounts suggested, so please don't be surprised if it higher or lower than what you thought.

I also want to note that you should check your bill to make sure you're not paying for gratuity twice (unless you believe the service deserves such a tip).

Tipping in the Digital Age

Going back to the news story, the report highlighted that businesses switching to a service like Square seemed to have dramatically increased the amount of tips they receive.

One reason mentioned is that there are default amounts given that take the guesswork out for customers.

The coffeehouse featured in the story showed how easily someone could tip $1 or $2 as they sign their receipt.

Swiping your card and having a suggested tip makes it easier to go ahead and pay.

Some studies have noted that people tend to tip more when using credit cards instead of cash and to be honest, I've noticed that I've been guilty of that too.

Another explanation given was that some customers feel guilty for leaving no tip.

Jeremy Lyman, co-founder of Birch Coffee shared his take on the tip boost.  “I feel like sometimes people actually do feel bad pushing ‘no tip'.'”

I can certainly understand that, but at the same time, I don't believe every service deserves a tip.

If I get a regular coffee with nothing special, I don't feel like tipping. However, if I have a special order, then I will leave something. I don't like the idea of being pushed into tipping.

Thoughts on Tipping

This is a topic that can vary greatly by region, so I'd love to get your take and feedback on it. What are your thoughts on tipping?

What services do you usually tip? Do you think some shops are pushing tips more than they should?

What are your thoughts on tipping? What services do you usually tip? Do you think some shops are pushing tips more than they should?

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