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50/50 Challenge – So Much Support

Thank you for your help this weekend. When I started planning the 50/50 Challenge I knew that there would be a few great challengers. I was ecstatic to see that I was right; in fact I underestimated how well you did. Many of you shared your goals and progress through out th month of November.

I was especially touched by the support given by family and friends of the finalists. You have some incredible people behind you. I can see why the finalists went as far as they did. I wish everyone the best! kindle fire

Congrats to Julie!

After tallying up all the votes, I'm happy to announce that 50/50 Challenge winner is Julie Anthony Murphy! Her husband spread the word about the contest and her friends stopped by to share their votes. I hope she gets to enjoy the Kindle Fire. From what I've heard it's a incredibly handy tool and fun item. Please share your review Julie with us!

I also want to give a shout out to Darris' son for leaving his vote for his mom. I think that was sweet and it's great to see a family supporting one another.

Thoughts on the 50/50 Challenge

I hope everyone socked away a little bit of money from the challenge. Once everything comes in, I'll be donating a portion of my earnings to Charity: Water. They give 100% of your donations to water projects around the world.

I'm also making a deposit into the car replacement fund. Based on some research I've done this weekend, we'll be needing to build the fund up a bit more.

What will you be doing with the money saved/earned in November?

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  1. A big CONGRATS to Julie! Please do let us know what you think of the Kindle Fire. And best of luck with the baby . . . read to her/him everyday and she/he will have fond memories of your focused time together that may lead to raising a life-long reader.

    Thanks to all who voted and supported us in the 50/50 Challenge. Thank you Elle for providing the platform, support and great information to help keep us on track. And thank you for acknowledging my son Elle. He is a joy to me and a contribution to all who know him.


  2. Our local elementary school is having a book fair this week so I’ll be buying a few books for the kindergarten classroom that I volunteer in every week. I’ve also purchased ingredients for a huge pot of vegan lentil stew and cornbread muffins that I will serve to the hard working teachers at my son’s high school tomorrow for Teacher Appreciation Day.

    I help to trap/neuter/spay feral cats in our community. I will contribute to the TNR fund (our local vet contributes his time and charges 1/2 the usual charge) and also provide much needed food to the local ‘cat lady’ who cares for many of these forgotten cats.

    Because of this challenge I saved/earned so that I can contribute more to the causes that mean so much to me. Thank you!

  3. Congratulations Julie, you definitely deserve it.

    I’m planning on putting my earnings toward more guitar purchases and creating a separate budget just for that use, and then I’ll see how much I can increase it over time with sales.

    I also plan to continue cutting back on eating out and trying to save a bunch of money that way in 2012, plus maybe I’ll become a better cook.

    Thanks again for the challenge, as it was a good month for me, and I learned a lot from everybody.