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50/50 Week #1 Recap and Review

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It's the end of the first week of the 50/50 Challenge and it's looking good. You have set some fantastic goals and I'm going to share just a few of them here.

Money Earning and Savings Tips this Week

This week we kicked things off with 4 tips to help you save and earn a bit of money on the side.

This week I'll continue with tips. Please share your progress and ideas with me – I'd love to highlight your successes and include your advice on spending less and earning more.

50/50 Challenge Reader Goals

There have been some big goals from you. I expected maybe $200 or so as a goal, but some of you are going for home runs. Here's a look at some of them:

I'm going to shoot for a goal of $1,000 in November with the 50/50 split.

50% will be by cutting down on eating out and buying pre-cooked foods, plus grocery throw-away costs, as well as trying to reduce some other monthly expenses.

The other 50% will be from reselling some of the guitars I've bought for that purpose, which have otherwise become part my personal collection, and also from trying to come up with another enterprise that I've yet to think of, maybe something online or trying to sell my writing by some other means.

– Max from Maximizing Money

I didn't think of this, but Sasha came up with another idea on how to make some cash on the side.

My goal will be $1000 for November. I know friends will be going out of town for the holidays so I will offer my house-sitting/pet-sitting services for some extra cash and I will cut some expenses, maybe finally cut the cord with the cable company and just use the internet to watch shows and movies, cook at home more often, and pack my lunch more often than I do now.

I will also sell some things that I have been meaning to sell, this challenge is getting some things off of my to-do list, lol. My birthday is on Saturday so I will ask for gift cards and cash if anyone hasn't gotten me a gift yet.

I wish all of you the best with the challenge!

Progress on the 50/50 Challenge

How are you doing with the 50/50 Challenge? What have you noticed is easier to do – saving money or earning money?

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