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Earning More Money By Selling on eBay

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I Don't Have Time for a Second Job!

When I was thinking of ideas on how to earn more money, I started looking at some older posts to see what worked for readers.

I also wanted to find something that could generate income without requiring a lot of time. Not everyone can get a second for various reasons, so I need to find something that could be done from home.

One money-earning idea that has worked is selling your stuff. Instead of focusing on Craigslist or yard sales, I'm using eBay.

It's possible to make a bit of money on the site; my sister did quite well while in college as a seller.

How to Sell Your Stuff for More on eBay

Selling on eBay isn't impossible.

Selling on and making enough money to build an emergency fund, pay for a vacation, or pay down debt takes a bit of work. I'm sharing some tips on how you can get more money for your stuff.

Price to Sell

Go ahead and check out eBay and Google shopping to see what your stuff is actually worth.

If you want to sell you have to have competitive prices. You don't want to be a sentimental seller- if you have doubts about selling your stuff, then just keep it for now.

Sellers are conflicted about using a reserve price, but not having one helps you get your stuff out of your home, which may be reason enough.

Less clutter and a bit more money can be a big boost.

Share Pictures That Sell

Don't just take one picture of your item and think that will be enough. Make sure you take pictures that show the item from different angles, assuring buyers they're getting a good deal.

Take pictures in a well-lit, clean room. Small details like that matter to buyers.

Descriptions Matter

Don't just give the basic information about your item(s). Make it appealing by being descriptive.

Stuck on what to say? Check out the descriptions for competitive items from the power sellers.

Get inside the head of your potential buyers and think about what they would type in to find your item.

Thoughts on Selling on eBay

Those are just a few tips on selling on eBay. I'm going to interview my sister this week and I want to get answers to your eBay questions, so please leave them in the comment section.

It's possible to make a good bit of money -Donna Freedman from Frugal Cool was able to get $1,200 from selling one item on eBay!

I'd love to get more feedback from you guys! How many of you have sold eBay? What tips do you want to share?

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