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Fiverr Side Hustle Challenge: Accepted

Looking to earn some extra cash? Get tips on how to start your own side hustle!

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If you're a regular reader, you know I love a good challenge. We started the year with joining up with Moneystepper to save a ton money (on track so far!).

In August I tested myself with the 50/50 Challenge – bring down our expenses and earn some extra cash.

Now I'm going to accept one more before the year is over – Fiverr's Side Hustle Challenge.

What's Fiverr?

In case you havent used it, Fiverr allows you to get some professional quality services (called gigs) starting at $5.

You can get someone to design your logo, do coding, or take care of your video production. There's a huge range of different talents that can help you to create or build a business.

I've used Fiverr myself when I was launching the Couple Money Podcast.

Now, though, I'm going to be on the other side of the table and I'll be launching my side hustles.

What's the Fiverr Side Hustle Challenge?

Side Hustle Challenge teams are divided into Personal Finance Bloggers and Lifestyle Bloggers.

Each of us will be building a side business for the next 60 days and tracking our progress.

We're seeing who can earn the most money in that time frame.

Our Team

When I saw the roster I was thrilled- I know many of these bloggers and they are hustlers!

How the Side Hustle Challenge Can Help You

If you're looking to earn some extra money, either to pay down debt, build up savings, or need money to launch a business, using sites like Fiverr can be a huge help.

To help me better prepare and get better results, I turned to Side Hustle Nation and pulled out these gems:

I'll be digging through these posts and listening to the podcast so I can maximize my earnings without running myself ragged.

The first step of the process is choosing the right side hustles.

Choosing the Right Side Hustles for You

You can create several gigs with Fiverr which can be perfect if you're looking ofr a boost of income.

The trick is to find something that is in demand and won't take up a huge amount of time to produce quality work.

So if you're trying something completely new to your current skills, you may have a hard time making profits.

Instead you might want to look at what you're great at so you can turn things quickly, but still have that professional polish which can grow your business further.

My Side Hustles: Voiceover and Podcast Edits

I'll be offering voice over work for podcast intro and for independent publishers. (here's my gig)

As a second stream, I'm also going to edit podcasts. The base package will be compiling the files sent over. (here's that gig)

(Bonus: You can try out my services or anybody else's for free! See below for the coupon code and details)

I picked these two hustles because:

It's a 60 day challenge, so we'll see how it works out with my day to day routine.

I also have a third idea I want to launch in this vein, but I want to polish up my current offers first.

Side Hustle Money

With the idea of giving every dollar a purpose, all the money I make (after taxes of course!) will be going towards our 9th anniversary gift – paying off our remaining non-mortgage debt!

We're tired of these student loans and ready to begin a chapter in our marriage where we can have more freedom to peruse who and what matters most to us.

Try Fiverr Out

Curious about Fiverr? I got a deal that might make it sweeter for you.

Go ahead and try out Fiverr and use COUPLEMONEY2015 along with my username Ellecm. This voucher and get you a free gig (up to $5)! (You must be a first time user and you can only use one coupon.)

Even if you can't use the coupon, where else can you get creative and professional services starting at $5? 🙂

I'm excited about this and will be tracking things to help you so when it's time for you to launch your side hustle, you'll get results fast!

Come follow the fun on twitter – add me and check out #FiverrHustle to see everyone's progress.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by in cooperation with Kasai Media. While I have been compensated for participating in this challenge, all opinions expressed are my own.

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