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Entrepreneurship-Focusing on Long Term Career Goals

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The last couple of weeks or so have been busy with work. This past week, for example, I was asked if I wanted to extend my temp time into something more permanent. I was surprised and was definately flattered that they thought of me.

I was also contacted about doing some work for a project related to our small business. Different options, different directions – it's certainly a good dilemma to have.

Weighing Short Term and Long Term Benefits

It's a fork in the road – should I take this opportunity and have a steady income or should I focus on building our business? Many bloggers will talk about following your passion, but realistically you also have to consider your finances.

Pros of the Office Job

Cons of the Office Job

Putting my time and energy with the office job would be beneficial in the short term due to the stable influx of money. We can go ahead and budget that income immediately towards other goals, such as:

Home Office Work

On the other hand, our little business offers higher pay per hour and some of it is starting to become semi-passive. The appeal with this is that as I devote time and energy towards this, we are building sustainable income with location independent work.

As for the online work, if the paperwork and everything gets done quickly, then I'm going to start this month. It has work that I enjoy, some exposure, and some residual income.

Entrepreneurship Is a Group Effort

Something that I'm grateful for is having a supportive husband. We've been on the same page and have adjusted our lifestyle to accommodate our goals. Keeping a simple lifestyle hasn't just been about saving money though. It's also about keeping our options open and hopefully meeting our 5 year goals.

I'm just going to enjoy my work at the office and see how it works out. It may be too much long term, so I'll see how it goes this next month or so. I'm always a bit cautious with new opportunities, which can be good or bad. I'll definitely update here on how everything turns out.

Your Thoughts on the Fork in the Road

I'm really curious to hear from everyone who has their own business and/or does freelance work. Are you a conservative entrepreneur or do you more of a risk taker? How supportive is your spouse on taking the leap?

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