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As the Couple Money newsletter subscribers discovered a while ago, I've been searching for a new staff writer here on the site. As you probably noticed, the last two weeks included guest posts from different bloggers to see who would be a good fit.

I naively thought it would be an easy decision, by my fellow Yakezie members proved me wrong. There were incredible bloggers who submitted wonderful posts.

It was an extremely difficult decision, so I based the decision on which writer would complement my style of writing. I really want Couple Money to reflect the variety with couples and their finances.

There are some topics that I'm drawn to due to personal circumstance and curiosity. I needed someone who had different strengths.  With that in mind, I decided to extend an invitation to Kay Lynn, the brains behind the wonderful Bucksome Boomer blog .

I feel like the addition of Kay Lynn's perspective will make this site a bit stronger. For those of you not familiar with Kay Lynn, I had the pleasure of interviewing her a couple of months ago for the Sunday Blogger series.

I'm excited that she's on board and I think including her will expand some of the topics discussed here on Couple Money. Please check out Kay Lynn's weekly posts on Fridays.

If you can't wait until Friday, here are a few of my personal favorite posts from her site:

She's a really accessible blogger, so don't be afraid to say hello to her on Twitter.

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  1. Great decision, Elle!

    Bucksome is awesome and she is very accessible via Twitter. I have interacted with her a few times. The Yakezie network is great and links you to some wonderful people. Sure this will be a great addition to your blog.

    Good decision reaching out, pulling in new talent and adding some variety and different perspective to your blog. Sure your readers will appreciate it.

    Take care!

  2. Congrats, Kay Lynn will do you proud.

    Having added a staff writer recently myself, it certainly helps ease the pressure while you are working on other projects!

    Good Luck!

  3. Thanks everyone for the support! I appreciate Elle giving me this opportunity.

    I’m really looking forward to having another outlet to write on different topics.

  4. Congrats, Kay Lynn! Looking forward to reading your stuff along with Elle’s.
    Elle, great catch of a staff writer.