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Is the Monday Through Friday Job Schedule Outdated?

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Jobs Schedules That Work – Is it Possible?

Like many people, we like to gather several times a year with extended family for a meal and a chance to catch up with each other.  The past few years, the ratio for success in getting us all together is very low but it’s not for lack of trying!

The members of my generation all have weekends off and only one of us is working daytime hours.  That is not the case for the next generation!  One of the five cousins has that type of schedule…but he’s a full time student.  The others all work weekends and evenings.

I started thinking about this after trying to arrange the last get together.  Why is it so hard?

Service Culture of Today's Jobs

As manufacturing has largely moved out of the U.S., service jobs have moved in.  There are a lot more opportunities for employment in service and retail sectors than when I was younger.

Back then, most stores were closed on Sundays and eating out was a rare treat. 

Today, I can’t think of a single retailer that is closed on Sunday and only one dining chain (Chick Fil A).  This means anyone in a service sector or retail is very likely to be working weekends, evenings and/or nights.

Two of the cousins work for the same chain of home improvement stores with unpredictable schedules. 

Another has worked a variety of retail or service sector jobs (sometimes two or three at a time) in an effort to provide for his family.  The last cousin is in emergency medical services which are of course, 7/24.

Flex Time Means Productivity?

It seems that more and more people arranging flex schedules and/or working from home.  This enables them to work around home obligations. 

It’s not just good for the employees as IBM has found employees more productive at home.

This means employees may be doing work in the evening, early hours or on weekends instead of 8-5.  Employees, and probably their families, have more satisfaction with their jobs as well.

Note from Elle on Job Schedules:

I've noticed with my own work how things have shifted a bit. Being self-employed I've created a schedule that my clients needs and my own, but it's not 9-5.

I've adapted and broken up my day into two short periods of time instead of one continuous workday.

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Future of Traditional Jobs Vs Flexible Work

Who knows what innovation or business trend will shape the working hours in the future. 

I would imagine that mobile working with flexible hours will become mainstream. 

I wonder if the Monday through Friday job is becoming a relic of the past. Do you traditional hours?

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