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Sell Clothes From Your Phone with Vinted

Learn how you can earn some cash by selling your clothes on Vinted.

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Okay, so I'm working on the earn portion of the 50/50 Challenge. I've all sign-up with Vinted and I'm hoping to get some money by selling my clothes.

Any money earned will be deposited and saved until the end of the month where we'll get a grand total. (I think it would be a fun way to see the 50/50 challenge results.)

My goal for the month is to save and earn $500 – $250 from trimming our budget and $250

Before I telling you what I'm selling, let me go over how Vinted works.

How Vinted Works for Selling Clothes

You take a picture of whatever item you're selling, write a detailed description, and upload it through the app.

For novice sellers, the app offers ideas and suggestions on which pics to take and how to make your listing more searchable.

Hashtags are encouraged and space is limited, so choose wisely.

As yo price your item, Vinted will calculate your cut after it takes out its share (right now 19%)

The app makes it easy for interested buyers to ask you questions (and hopefully motivated them to make a purchase).

You print a shipping label and mail it out. (Keeping tabs on your item is easy with the app.) Once buyer confirms, you receive your payment.

That's it.

Setting Up My Account for Vinted

Now when you sign-up for Vinted you do need to get some information entered.

You need to include a payment method if you're buying and selling.

To get your shipping label printed out, you also need to give your address.

Shipping prices can vary, but to give you an idea how much it can be, Vinted gave these estimates:

Under 0.5 lbs: $2.80 (you'll use a plain box or padded envelope)
0.5 – 2 lbs (medium) : $5.34 and up, based on location
2 – 5 lbs (large) : $6.70 and up, based on location

You can also use Priority Boxes from the USPS. They currently cost:

So save the priority boxes for bundled and large items as they can eat up your profits.

What I'm Selling on Vinted

I decided to get an idea of how well Vinted works by putting a few items at different price points.

I have a dress, purse, and shoes that I'm looking to make some money with. My goal is to snag $100 total for these items.

Maximizing Your Vinted Listings

Since we're talking about earning more money, I searched around to get some input on how to maximize your sell price.

While there was a ton of advice in the forums, three tips seemed to be consistently recommended.

Help Buyers Find Your Items

The app makes it easy to search through listings, so you want to make sure you're using keywords potential buyers will be using.

Use Hashtags as items can be grouped under them. Tagging the brand (#anthropologie) may be obvious, but you may also want to include descriptions for more seasonal items (#summer).

Photos Make All the Difference

Wearing your item can be help as shoppers can see what it looks like on a rela person.

You can also hang it (have plenty of light around) and share snaps of the front and back.

Try to keep the background plain (think solid color) to highlight your item.

Lay off the fancy filters, as buyers want to get a clear idea of the true colors.

Market Your Items Through Headlines & Descriptions

Again, you're listing your item in a vast catalog, so get inside the mind of your buyer when writing your descriptions for Vinted.

Make sure your description has specific features included, so your buyers can find them easier.

Thoughts on Vinted

I'm excited about this expiriement! I hope to report real soon that I made some cash. Keeps an eye out on Twitter or Facebook to how fast (or slow) these sell.

I'd love to hear from you. How many of you have used Vinted? How was the process?

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