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Sell Your Stuff and Make Some Cash

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This is a money making tip for the 50/50 Challenge.

Today's tip deals with making money from stuff you already have around the house.

Why Do You Want to Sell?

It can be hard to find extra money, but if you have a lot of stuff at your place, you may want to sell it to get some of the money you spent back.

Some financial goals you can reach by selling your junk include:

The point is you can remove junk from your home and you can put that money to good use.

What to Sell

The hard part many times is deciding what to sell. You're looking for items that people want or use. Looking for things to sell?

Here is a list of you can make money from:

Save yourself some time by checking on Ebay and searching for similar items. If there is a market for it you'll have a better idea on how fast it'll sell and how much to sell them.

Where to Sell

Where can you sell your stuff? Have you tried considered these places?

Sell where you feel most comfortable. Some people prefer working with someone face to face and while others just want it sold online. Just make sure you don't get scammed.

Another tip? Don't be too attached to the items you're selling or you may have a hard time finding the right price for it. I've seen some people overvalue their possessions and lose out on sales.

Thoughts on Selling Your Stuff for Cash

How many of you have sold your old stuff for cash? Were you able to get a good deal? How did you maximize the sale price?

If you're looking at selling your stuff online, but you don't know where to start I suggest using Baker's guide on selling your junk.

The guy is a master – his family sold their junk and spent some time exploring the Pacific.

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