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Unconventional Guide to Publishing Review

Learn from those in the industry how you can become an author and publish your novel.

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Want to launch your career as an author? Learn from a veteran literary agent how to do it in this unconventional guide to publishing!

Chris Guillbeau partnered up with David Fugate, who has sold 1,000+ books to dozens of publishers, in creating a thorough multimedia guide for aspiring authors.

Unconventional Guide to Publishing

As with Chris' Unconventional Guides, there is a ton of information and resources that not only give you an overview of the process, but actual takes you through the process.

Along with the main guide, he also includes: 

There are 3 customized versions you can get the guides, depending on just beginning on your book or if you're getting your book out sooner.

No matter which one you select, each version includes the main PDF guide and FREE updates for life.

The Hemingway Edition

For everyone ready to get on the fast track to publishing their book… now.

Get this one if you don't want to waste any time.

The Austen Edition

This version is designed to help you get your book proposal accepted and get you started on writing your book.

Click here if  The Austen version suits your writing and publishing needs.

The Fitzgerald Edition

For those starting out on the idea for their book and want a frugal option, this guide will give you the information to let you test the waters.

Click here if  The Fitzgerald version suits your publishing needs.

Whatever you choose, I wish you the best on your publishing dreams!

Thoughts on the Unconventional Guide to Publishing

How many of you are interested in becoming an author?

If you’re curious about starting a business, but you know publishing is not for you, please check out the complete list of all his guides on his site.

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