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As I'm preparing to head over to San Diego to attend FINCON, I want to pause and celebrate the upcoming second anniversary of the podcast.

After almost two years and over 150 episodes I've had so much fun learning from others how they've worked together to build up their wealth and marriage.

Thank you so much for your support and help!

Most Popular Couple Money Episodes

  1. Loaning Money to Family (without Getting Burned): This is by far the most downloaded episode. Family and money can be difficult and what can be more stressful than loaning money to your family or the in-laws? Dorethia Connor came on to share some wonderful tips to reduce the stress and figure ou where to draw the line for your family.
  2. Early Retirement in Your 30s: Mrs. Frugalwoods currently holds the record for fastest downloads for an episode. A recent show, I think a combination of her sweet personality, hardcore frugal skills, and a love for simplifying made her story a fun listen.
  3. How to Get Out Of Six Figures of Debt: This episode is special to me for a few reasons. Brian from Debt Discipline was kind enough to be my first interview for the show. I also began to see how important sharing stories can be when talking about money and marriage.
  4. Financial Independence with Todd Tressider: Todd has written some wonderful books that explain why those free financial calculators aren't the best way even ballpark for retirement. He came on to talk about some misconceptions people have about early retirement and what you should focus on when running the numbers.
  5. How to Save Half Your Income: Talk about big goals! Joe along with the Kathleen from the awesome Stacking Benjamins podcast  shared their hacks to help you save a bigger chunk of your hard earned money.
  6. How to Master Your Money By Changing Your Mindset: Jen Hemphill how changing perspective about your money, your spouse, and yourself can help you build wealth.
  7. Financial Independence (with Kids)!: Justin from Root a Good is not only an ealry retiree along with his wife, but they're near neighbors. He broke down how they did it and what they're doing now.
  8. The Key to Investing for Financial Independence: Hmmmm…starting to see a pattern emerge. Early retirement and financial independence are hot topics.
  9. Get the Raise You Deserve: Slash your bills is a great move, but earning more is also smart. Joe shares how you can prepare, present, and ask your boss for a raise.
  10. Boost Your Stash with Side Hustles: Nick Loper gives the ups and downs of starting and running profitable side hustles.

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Your Favorites Shows

Thanks again so much for your support! All your tweets, Facebook likes, and reviews were a huge help and got the word out.

I'd love to get your take – what are your favorite episodes from the Couple Money Podcast?

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