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Baby items were long gone from our home when we became grandparents and had our infant granddaughter over a few years ago. Her parents brought a baby bag with diapers, wipes and extra clothing but we quickly learned that the visits would be more enjoyable for all with the addition of some baby items at our home.

Pack and Play

We didn't have room to keep a crib full time so wanted something that could be easily taken down and stored. Our solution was a playpen, or as I learned they are called today, pack and play. In addition to containing the baby, it's used for napping when visiting us or other relatives for family events.


Babies love to be outdoors and it's good for grownups as well. We get exercise while enjoying seeing the baby observe the world. We use it for shopping and travel outings as well.

High Chair

This is the hardest item to store easily between uses but well worth it so the baby can be comfortable and secure while eating. Another benefit is having them at the table with the rest of the family during meals.

Car Seat

Moving car seats in and out of vehicles is not easily done. Sometimes we would just swap cars rather than move the car seat. Buying our own car seat has made it much easier to take the grandbaby without the parents. We bought a seat that will meet the needs up to 70 pounds and hopefully for future grandchildren. This is the one item I would advise is always bought new.


My sister has a grandma's toy box which I thought was a great idea and we have the same now. It is filled with toys picked up at garage sales, passed on from friends and even a few new ones. Kids love playing with something “new” and are happy to get into the closet where they're stored when visiting. We add to it every once in a while as they grow.


Sometimes my son or his wife forget to put these small items in the bag. To make sure we have what is needed at mealtimes, we have our own sippy cup, bib, wash cloth and baby utensils.


Most parents save at least a couple of their favorite baby blankets used with their babies. It is wonderful to get to use them with your grandchildren. Stock up on one or two crib sheets for use in the pack and play or crib.

Having our own baby essentials has made it easier on our adult kid, us and the grandchildren. The larger items saved the parents a lot of hassle as well as wear and tear from carting them back and forth. We don't stress when something is forgotten in the diaper bag.

Our grandchildren enjoy being at our home as much as we enjoy having them. Is there another essential that should be added to the list?

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