One of the easiest ways you two can connect with your finances while having fun is having regular money dates.

What are Money Dates?

No, these dates aren’t about pulling up a spreadsheet and running the numbers (though you’ll review the finances).

These dates are about making sure your money is going towards what’s important to the two of you.

They’re check-ins that allow you two to take a bit of time to see what’s working and what’s not.

Making the Most of Your Money Dates

Money dates can be a fun, stress-free way to connect. Think of it like enjoying a good meal. Make it special (not expensive).

For some dates, we like to go out to mix things up. Other nights we’ll stay in, open up a bottle of wine, and look over things.Once we started having money dates, it became easier to dump the debt and build our wealth!

The location isn’t important, but the tone is crucial. We want to be relaxed and in a good mood before we chat.

We like to start things off with wins we’ve had. It can be personal, financial, or professional. It’s an opportunity to cheer each other on.

We then go over the goals we picked out. We have some goals for the year (like a vacation) and some long-term plans (working to become financially independent).

Occasionally things come up and we adjust goals and deadlines. While it’s not a cure-all, things are less stressful because we’re talking about it with one another.

Once we’ve have an idea of where we’re going, we briefly go over the numbers.

Using a tool like Personal Capital, Tiller, and Mint makes things a breeze. (It’s also free – which makes it a double win in my book!)

Afterward, we plan for the next month. Do you have a trip coming up? Any irregular bills like life insurance premiums due? Talking ahead allows us to tweak things as needed.

As you can see it’s not complicated and the finances are just a part of the date.

The key for us is getting on the same page with our goals and making sure the budget is working.

Resources for Money Talks

If you want to learn more about money dates, please catch my chat about them with Shannon on her podcast, Martinis and Your Money.

Want to get started on your own dates? Here is some helpful info to get the ball rolling:

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