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Yesterday, I got some great news during lunch – Couple Money Podcast is now available on iTunes and Stitcher!

Having the show up makes it easier to subscribe and stay up to date on the latest episodes.

How to Catch the Couple Money Podcast on iTunes

You can find it by searching for our name or checking us out in either the investing or family sections.

Love to Have Your Support

If you reading this and enjoyed the podcast, could you please take a minute share this with your friend or leave a review and rating?

Every bit counts and I would love to have your support.

Besides helping others to find the podcast, it'll give me an idea what you like to see more of on the show.

I will read every review to make sure that the podcast gives you the best personal finance tips that fit your needs.

Show Notes and More

With every episode and Q&A sessions, I post up show notes so you can find the right tools to help you build your finances.

I love sharing what has worked and hasn't worked for us. Since each couple is different I usually will mention a few resources so you can build a financial system, that fits your style.

I also give some behind the scenes tidbits about running a podcast. It's a different experience from blogging, that's for sure!

What's on Your Mind?

Please feel free to reach out me on email with any topics you'd like to have discussed on the podcast. Hearing from you has made this podcast better.

I've adjusted the show and site to provide you with more useful materials.

It's my goal to make this podcast both motivating and practical for couples looking to building their marriage and finances.

Right now here's what we have in the works for the next few episodes:

My favorite part of creating each episode is the interviews.

Every one of these topics has a story where someone has succeeded (times after failing).

If there is someone you think would be perfect for the show, let me know or better yet, tell them about the show.

Thanks again for your support as I was making these initial episodes and I hope you subscribe!

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