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Cost Cutting Strategies for Newlyweds

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Starting out is always difficult for young couples and newlyweds. Most often, younger adults haven'’t faced with the stress and strain of the increased burden of financial responsibility.

Beginning a life together has its own set of difficulties and hurdles and often money only exacerbates the issue.

Solving financial problems isn'’t going to make a happy marriage, but using some smart budgeting tactics can help at alleviate at least one huge stressor.

Watch Your Household Expenses

One of the biggest expenses of any couple is the entertainment costs.

Getting rid of cable TV or reducing to a less expensive package can save you tons every month.

Getting rid of internet can save a lot of money but if you use it the right way it can be a huge money saving device.

Get Netflix and watch movies online instead of going out to the theater every week. Movie theaters can be expensive so maybe staying in and watching a movie can not only save you money but give you extra time together.

You can do little things around your house or apartment that can cut down on your utilities and bills.

By switching to better windows or at the very least weather sealing them during the winter will have a huge affect.

You can also switch to a programmable thermostat and set it to turn your utilities off when you’re not at home.

A single family can save thousands every year by simply turning off their utilities for just eight hours a day.

Have a Coupon Routine

Use online sites that offer tips and coupons for saving money.

The Internet is an infinitely helpful tool that can offer huge savings. There’s the other option of using web sites like Craigslist to sell your unwanted items.

Newlyweds are often inundated with tons of well meaning, but unused gifts so selling them online is a quick way to get some short-term extra cash.

Thoughts on Saving Money as a Couple

Financial hiccups can wreak havoc on a relationship, so getting on the same page and working on goals together is an investment not only for your bank account, but your marriage.

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