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Financial Freedom as a Couple

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‘Financial Independence' and ‘Financial Freedom' are popular phrases on the internet, but what exactly does that mean? More importantly, what does that mean to you?

What is Financial Freedom?

It takes some reflection and it takes time to answer questions that you may have about financial freedom.

Some people define financial freedom by their net worth or trips they want to take.

People are curious to learn how to reach their goals, but not as many are concern with the whys behind their goals.

Imagine your typical day when you've reached your financial goals.

When you've planned the whole scenario out in your head, you can then ask yourself why you choose this scene. Why does this lifestyle appeal to you? Looking at your current situation, you can also see how much you need to adjust to make it happen.

Defining Financial Freedom as a Couple

Now that you have some questions you've consider, it's time for the fun part – coming up with your goals as a couple!

As compatible as you may be, expect some differences.

It's a great opportunity to have an honest discussion with one another. It may take time for you to sit down and it out, but it's well worth it.

Being on the same page can be a huge boost for your next steps of building your financial freedom.

I really believe that an open conversation between a couple can be beneficial beyond just your finances.

Strategies to Reach Financial Independence

Now you two have to talk about how you're going to reach your goals. I've listed some steps we've taken and others have used in their financial journey.

Thoughts on Reaching Financial Freedom

How many of you are working towards financial freedom? What success stories have you had so far? What hurdles did you overcome?

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