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Change is part of the fabric of a marriage. As couples we grow and as individuals we develop.

As much as we hope that it all goes smoothly, sometimes it can be a rough transition even if it's something we're forward to.

This week on the Couple Money Podcast Audrey from L'Eurocana came on to talk about she and her husband are coping from the rock star life to something more down to earth.

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Living the Dream, Music and Traveling around the World

Imagine traveling and seeing the world as part of your job. Audrey's husband got to enjoy some of the finer things in life a sound engineer.

New Priorities, New Career

As the years passed, Audrey and her husband began to plan a different future, one where he'd be home more often.

Being home more often was a huge plus, but it also meant adjusting to a much lower income as he shifted to his new career.

Being on a budget wasn't something they were used to, but they started creating a spending plan.

Taking it one month at a time, Audrey and her husband decided that fun money had to be a part of the budget if they were going to stick with it.

Enjoying and Savoring the Little Details

Finding contentment has been a challenge at times as the two figure out their niches in this new season of their lives.

One of Audrey's passions is writing so L'Eurocana has been and outlet for sharing some of their travel adventures, but also gives her a connection to that European sensibility to enjoy and savor the moment.

Neither of one of them wanted to lose that joy they picked up in their travels so they've incorporated a little European flair in their home and routines.

With life off the road, they had to be a little more careful with their spending.

Romantic Day Trips

One of the more popular parts of Audrey's site, L'Eurocana, is a $50 series where Audrey and her husband spend a day relaxing and exploring on the cheap.

Part of the fun with these outings is new and charming spots together.

They've been to:

  • Catalina Island
  • Vegas
  • Los Angeles

Some of these trips are spontaneous, but there is some planning involved to make the most of their days.

Dinner Nights In at Home

Along with these road trips, the two like to unwind and take some time to make their day to day a little more special.

Those details matter most when they are at home. Dinner is an occasion to connect and enjoy.

They cook together and catch up with one another during their meal.

There is no TV or gadgets on and the table is cleared and ready with candles. It's just them, the food, and a good conversation (ok, maybe some music in the back to set the mood).

Its not expensive, but it's a beautiful way to indulge and spend time as a couple.

If you want to hear about all the details and get some tips, please check out the podcast!

Thoughts on Big Changes as a Couple

We all have stories about our adventures in life as couples. I'd love to hear yours- what transitions did you two have to work through? What helped you two to remain united?

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