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How to Get Your Spouse on Board with Money!

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Are you fired up about dumping the debt and building wealth, but your spouse is reluctant? Find out how you can get your spouse on board with money (and more)!

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How to Get Your Spouse on Board with Money

It's 2018 for some reason that beginning of a new year, Everyone is excited and thrilled this week making some big goals.

Unfortunately, the majority don't reach them. I don't want that to happen to the two of you especially with your big money goals.

So in today's episode, we'll get into:

Hope you enjoy!

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Resources to Reach Your Big Money Goals

Whether you're dumping debt, saving more, or investing for your future, here are some resources to help make managing your money easier this year!

Working Together on Money

Are you too ready to have the best year ever with not only your finances but your marriage? If so you're already ahead of the curve.

According to Fidelity's 9th Annual New Year Financial Resolutions Study only 27 percent of Americans are planning on making finance is their focus.

Do you know what are the most common money goals people make? They are:

And you might have that for your goal for this year. Now can you guess how many people fail with their goals for the New Year?

I was reading John Acuff's latest book Finish and he had pointed out 92 percent of people fail with their New Year's goals!

We know there are many factors that come into play, but a big one that you do have control over is the goal you pick and how you frame it.

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