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Like many couples, travel had been on Derek and Carrie’s mind for a long time. However, they were busy with their work and raising their daughter.

Thankfully, Olsens personal and professional circumstances had shifted and an opportunity came up that would let them follow their dreams.

Simplifying Their Finances and Lives

How to Simplify and Travel the Country

Derek had started building a business and along with Carrie they launch the podcast, Better Conversations on Money and Marriage.

Carrie also had transitioned into voice over work. With these changes the opportunity to travel opened up as the idea began to take shape once Derek caught the Family Adventure Podcast.

Derek and Carrie Olsen took that dream and made it a reality. In they went on a tour to support their book, One Bed, One Bank Account.

They simplified their lives, packed everything they needed in a travel trailer, and took a road trip around the country with their baby girl.

Big Living in a Tiny Space

Living on the road mean they needed to downsize.


Sherman, the travel trailer they purchased, was only 133 square feet. Derek estimated that they sold, donated, or got rid off 75% of their stuff.

Where to Sell Your Stuff

While we haven’t had to downsize as much as Derek and Carrie, we did unload furniture, kitchen gear, and of course clothes before our big move.

The process is straightforward, but it can seem overwhelming when you first start.

My advice is to focus on one room at a time. Once you have things boxed up and ready to go, now it’s the fun part – selling and donating.

Besides selling your stuff through Craigslist, there are other options to maximize cash or credit.

Depending on what you’re unloading, these sites might be the best place for your stuff.

  • threadUP: Looking for an easy way to get rid of a lot of your clothes? threadUP makes it simple. They send you a bag and you fill it up. After examining your clothes, they can ship them back to you or donate it on your behalf.
  • Vinted: Use this smartphone app and sell your clothes. Snap some pictures and be savvy with your hastags to find the right buyer.
  • Amazon: Believe it or not, you can sell some of your used stuff on Amazon. like books and DVDs.
Donating Your Stuff

Donating your goods can be a fantastic way to help others and get stuff out of your house.

You can call your local chapter of your favorite charities and see if they do pick-ups. There’s also services like College Hunks Hauling Junk which can help you move, remove junk, and pick up for donations.

Thoughts on Simplifying

Whatever your dreams for this year and beyond, simplifying your finances and/or your routine is empowering.

If you’re thinking of taking the next steps with simplify your finances, home, or life, please check out my site Simplify and Enjoy.

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