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Have you had a hard time with finances this year? Have setback and unexpected emergencies thrown you off?

I get it. This past year or so has been a rollercoaster for us too.

We had a family friend lose their battle with cancer, my mom has had some health issues, our oldest started school, and I was slammed writing my first book.

We had a family friend lose their battle with cancer, some dear relatives dealing with health issues, our oldest started school, and I was slammed writing my first book.

The good news is our money system we created before worked well. We moved closer to our dreams, paid for a massive basement project, and saw a growth in our net worth.

It has made a huge difference for us and kept us on track for our goals.

Jumpstart Your Marriage and Money

The tough part, though, is getting that system set up. Where do you start? Which app/budget/tool is best for you?

It took us years to figure out to get on the same page, have better conversations, change our habits, and get our accounts automated.

I want to make things go a lot smoother for you and give you the tools you need to succeed to get your own system up and running.

And this is why I developed the Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money course.

What’s in the Course?

The Jumpstart course focuses on the big wins that can help you build wealth together.

It takes you step-by-step the process of getting on the same page and creating a system that automatically directs your money towards your goals.

In four weeks you two can create an effective and easy system to:

  • stress less when talking about money (and avoid fights)
  • track your money without watching every penny
  • dump your debt faster
  • save for your dreams
  • invest retirement (and ways to speed the process up)

(You can get all the course syllabus and all the details here!)

That means you two will have more time for what you really enjoy and still build grow your stash.

I get that it can be a scary leap to do something different. We’ve been there too.

We’re glad we did start working on our money together.

Not only because paid off about $30,000 of debt, but we’re a team now.

Please make that leap, knock out a goal, and let’s wrap this year up with a BIG win for the two of you!

Build Wealth Together

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Stop worrying about money and start dumping your debt and building wealth as couple!

Get our free guide on how to hack your goals. Make 2019 your best year ever!

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