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Today is the day! Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money is out and I want to say thank you so much.

Honestly, I started Couple Money because we needed it.

While there were some wonderful personal finance sites out there, I couldn't find one that addressed the complexities, awkward conversations, and rewarding wins of being married.

As we shared our journey with paying off debts, saving and preparing for our kids, and working towards financial freedom, you've shared your own stories.

The podcast came along and I quickly enjoyed getting to chat with many of you about how you got rid of over $100,000 of debt, started a business, and retired early.

And now we're here in 2017 with a new book. Thank you so much!

While I'm really excited to have this released, I'm ecstatic about having a book that can help couples speed up the process of getting on the same page and fulfilling their dreams while building wealth.

Why Write Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money?

For those of you that have been here for a few years, you may be wondering, why wait now to release a book?

Like most big dreams, several things happened that lead to the book. The core is having something useful and practical.

After almost 200 episodes and interviewing real-life couples who’ve achieved impressive financial goals like becoming debt free, starting a business, and retiring early, I found certain habits, systems, and patterns kept coming up.

Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money shares how you can set things up in four weeks that will help you build your wealth together!

With the book we get into how to:

  • Master Talking About Money: In the first week, get conversation starters and tips to help you nail down your biggest personal and financial goals (without starting a fight)! Get tools to track your money quickly and easily.
  • Make Your Money Work for You: In the second week, we'll get into how you can set up a budget you love and an automated financial system that will allow you two to have fun now and move you closer to your dreams.
  • Grow the Gap & Build Wealth: In the third week, we get into ways you can slash your expenses and earn more money so you can build wealth faster.
  • Optimize Your Money As Needed: Finally, we'll wrap things up by digging a bit into some of the biggest goals couples have such as dumping debt faster, traveling more, buying a house, and retiring early!

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Want to Learn More About Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money?

I'm doing a book tour of sorts with some great personal finance podcasts and websites.

I have to admit, being on the other side of the mic was a different experience!


Thank you again for everything!

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  1. Congratulations on writing a book! It’s very exciting to pack everything into one guide that can make such a difference in other people’s lives. Good luck with the promo for it.

    • Thank you! I have a new appreciation for the work of publishing a book 🙂

      I do hope the book will help couples avoid mistakes we made and find their path faster.