Easy Way to Manage Your Money Better

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See how we handle our money system and our accounts so we are working towards our goals, even if we're busy!

Easy Way to Manage Your Money

A financial system that requires you to constantly check and worry about your money isn’t going to cut it for most families. It doesn't for us. 

With two kids, work, hobbies, and friends, we have a full life and we love it. Quite simply we see money as a tool, not the goal. It’s to help us to care of our kids and lother loved ones, 

So while I respect those highly detailed spreadsheets with line by line breakdowns of every cent, I save that for quarterly reviews. Instead, budget monthly and do weekly checks on Fridays that usually are five minutes just to make sure everything is running smoothly. 

It took some time, but we’re grateful to have a financial system that allows us to focus on the big stuff. We love even more considering these past 18 months. 

If you’re looking to make managing your money much easier, while still hitting your family’s financial goals, this is your episode. 

Today, we’re discussing:

  • Quick overview of how our financial goals and system shifted to fit the season of life we’re in
  • What principles give the framework to our financial system so we can hit our goals
  • How to keep lifestyle inflation in check while still enjoying some fun

Are you ready? Let’s get started! 

Resources to Easily Manage Your Money

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