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Tips on How to Save Money While Moving to a New House

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Moving to a new house is something that can be looked into in many different ways.

If you’ve spent all your spendings on the house of your dreams, you won’t probably even read this article seeking for advice on how to save a buck while moving family to a new house.

However, if you’re blessed to be married to a service member whose being relocated on a regular basis (along with this family) you could definitely use some friendly advice on how to save some money when moving homes.

Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Move

As a military mommy myself, I’m almost entirely used to changing homes and traveling places with my family.

At first, it gave me a lot of headaches and it was devastating to the family budget most of the times, but we got the ropes in the meantime.

This is what we learned (the hard way….)

You Don’t Have to be Living Large

Back in the days when we were just going out and when my husband decided to enroll in the Air Force where he is currently serving, we had to face and deal with $30K in debt.

I guess that the first step in tackling debt was to get on the same terms and to set our minds straight about what we wanted from our lives.

Knowing how to control our spending habits also helped to a great extent at this point.

After that, everything else (including frequent movings) came really easy peasy for us.

However, even now, when the entire family is medically insured and my husband is contributing a fair amount of money to the family budget, we still struggle sometimes to make ends meet.

One thing that’s important if you are frequently moving is to become aware of the fact that you probably won’t be nesting in your new home. Therefore, there is no need for you to aim for something luxurious and fancy.

Your new (rented) house should be spacious enough for your family to feel comfortable in it, and to be located in the nice neighborhood and easily accessible.

You might settle for a house in the suburbs as well, as those have fewer maintenance costs associated with their name also.

Practical Tips When Moving

Moving on to the actual moving now.

I’m pretty much confident that you already know the date when you should relocate to a new address and leave your current home.

There is no excuse for you to leave it all for the last minute then!

Packing things up front and making sure that you have everything you need to start packing is essential here.

If you act well enough in advance you might be able to catch some stuff at discounted prices as well.

Also, be aware that you can always ask for some assistance from the stores you are buying packing tape from for example.

There’s a great chance that they have some extra boxes they want to get rid of already, and which you can use in the process.

Finally, you don’t have to ditch all the old stuff you have and just throw it to the junkyard.

Note that you can get some extra money out of it by organizing a garage sale during the last days in your old house or simply putting things online for sale.

Thoughts on Making Moving Less Stressful

I'd love to hear from you – how do you save money while making a big move?

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