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Looking to retire early, but don't know where to start? Learn the questions you need to answer so you can create your financial independence gameplan! 

Figuring Out Your Financial Independence Gameplan

Have you thought about retiring early? It seems like there are plenty of headlines and stories of people who've gotten out the rat race decades ahead.

While it can be fun to dream about what ifs, if you two want to make it happen, then it's time for you to create a plan. That's where you can use an expert to work with you.Learn how you two can set yourselves up to dump the debt faster and retire early!

Certified Financial Planner and author of The Financial Planning Puzzle, Jason Silverberg took some time out to sit down and discuss how he helps couples become financial independent.

In this interview, we get into:

  • why financial planning is more than numbers and what you need to ask your advisor [1:57]
  • what a fiduciary is and how it can help you
  • how you can figure out your game plan for financial independence and/or early retirement

Hope you enjoy!

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Working Towards Financial Independence

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