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Thanks everyone for a wonderful month in May! It's been great (and busy), so I thought I would be nice to highlight some of my favorite things over the past month.

Popular Posts on Couple Money

Here are some of the popular and fun posts over the past month here.Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a comment and/or shared their favorite posts with others. It really enhances the discussion and many of you are giving me some great food for thought.

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Married Food- Fun Site to Check Out

It's been a joy so far writing for the site and here on Couple Money. I'm still learning how to balance the two sites long with my freelance works.

Here are some of my favorite posts this month on Married Food:

If you want to sign up for free updates, please sign up for Married Food's newsletter. Please check out the wonderful posts. I'm not the only writer on the site. I've had some wonderful bloggers sign up and share their culinary delights.

Thanks again for checking Couple Money – I love writing here and I hope you have a wonderful week!

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