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Couple Money: Best of November 2010

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Thanks everyone for a wonderful November! I thought I would be nice to highlight some of my favorite things over the past month. I hope you're enjoying the site as much as I am. It's been amazing and I feel like we're going to close the year on a high note.

Just in case you're a new visitor, here is some information to get you familiar with Couple Money and the community. Couple Money is about handling family and finances responsibly in order to spend more time doing what we love.It's about living on one income and reaching your goals with the second.

Popular Posts on Couple Money

Here are some of the popular posts over the past month here.Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a comment and/or shared their favorite posts with others.

Five Cent Nickel

If you're new, you may not know this already, but I also write at Five Cent Nickel regularly. I actually started writing on the site before Couple Money was around. I really enjoy it and it gives me a chance to try something different. My posts on FCN will be published every Tuesday morning so make sure you head over there to read and critique my work!

If there are any topics you'd like me to follow up here, please let me know as well.

TurboTax's Blog

Another exciting note – I'm writing for TurboxTax's blog to help everyone gear up for the upcoming tax season. This month I wrote two posts for Tax 101.

Please check out all the posts; there's a wealth of information in the TurboTax team and many of them are eager to help.

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Be a Part of the Community (How Can You Help)!

If you have any ideas on Couple Money topics, please hang with me on either Twitter or Facebook. I enjoy answering questions and chatting with others. Thank you for your support; it really makes a big difference. If you enjoy a post here on the site, please help:

Thanks to everyone who has purchased certain books, guides, etc. on the site. I donate 5% of Couple Money’s affiliate income to Charity: Water.

I hope you’ll take some time to become part of the Couple Money community! I think the site improves greatly whenever we have a lively discussion about handling personal finances as a couple.

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