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FinCon 2016 Highlights

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Back home from a fantastic trip in San Diego! I flew over for  FinCon, the conference for independent personal finance publishers.

Every year it gets bigger and besides personal finance writers, there are podcasters, vloggers,  big companies like Ally, Fidelity, and Experian, as well as new and upcoming fintech entrepreneurs.

Can't get into everything, but there are some big wins I'd like share.

Best Family Finance Blog Win!

The biggest surprise and highlight was Couple Money winning the Plutus Award for Best Family Finance Blog!

There were fantastic sites (such as Mom and Dad Money, Busy Budgeter, Family Finance Favs, and Catherine Alford) as finalists so I was blown away when I won.

Fintech to Watch

Starting last year, fintech has become a bigger part of the conference and I think it's great.

I get a ton of emails from companies about reviewing them, but honestly it's hard to judge from afar.

Last year I met Bill Dwight, found of FamZoo, and loved what they're doing. We now use FamZoo for tracking our little one's allowance and goals.

So those meetups are a practical way to meet the people, get sense what they're motivation is, and see the product in action.

Some companies on my watch list for this year:

People to Follow

I almost was going to skip this because there are so many thoughtful and encouraging people I can't list them all and I hate to leave people out.

I believe perfection is the enemy of the good, so I'll share just a few wonderful people I got to know and friendships that have deepen.

Finally I want to give a special shout out and big thanks to Philip Taylor of PT Money for starting FinCon.

Since the first one back outside of Chicago, I've enjoyed going, mainly because of the sense of giving that's been a part of this community.

Speaking of giving, every year there's a project supported and for 2016 we prepared backpacks for a great organization, Monarch Schools.

Thank You

I want to say thank you for reading, listen, and sharing! If you ever have a money question or want to share your story, please let know.

I want to help you build up your marriage and wealth.

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