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Welcome Master Your Money Viewers!  I hope you enjoyed Part One of the Master Your Money series.

Please join in Part Two at 8pm ET tonight when three fantastic bloggers share their best money tips.

To make things easier for you, I've included below information and links to the topics I discussed in my presentation.

Money & Marriage Podcasts

I'm a believer in finding a support network to help you two learn to communicate better and become more money savvy.

With podcasts becoming easier to follow, here are some you may want to listen to and subscribe.

Couple Money Podcast

One reason I created the Couple Money Podcast was to help couples pick up tips and encouragement from real life couples who have been in similar circumstances.

His & Her Money

Talaat and Tai talk about how when they were married that they were total opposites when it came to finances.

They climb out of the debt trap (twice!). His & Her Money Podcast features their and others' stories on how they made it through.

Better Conversation About Money & Marriage

Derek and Carrie have a wonderful podcast show that is all about Better Conversations on Money and Marriage.

They’re a fun couple to listen to as they discuss real issues they’ve faced.

Simpler Happier Life Podcast

Mark and Lauren have some wonderful tips on slowing down and simplifying your life so you can be happier.

Simpler Happier Life Podcast offers some practical tips on how your can cut back on expenses.

Building Up Your Marriage and Net Worth

There was so much to talk about with the presentation I couldn't include everything that I wanted to.

Depending on your situation, I hope these posts will point you two i the right direction.

Are You Two Looking at Getting on The Same Financial Page? 

Do You Want to Pay Off Debt Fast or Earn More? 

Are you Planning on Starting a Family While Still Building Your Net Worth?

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