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This summer our daughter turned four and while she loves having us read to her, started asking for help. She now wanted to learn to read herself.

We began by going over sounds and letters with some of the books in her library, but the progress seemed slow and her interest level changed depending on the day.

When an offer came up to try out The Reading Lesson, I jumped on it.

What is the Reading Lesson?

The Reading Lesson was written by Charan Langton and Michael Levin, M.D.

It's a phonetic reading program that helps your child become a confident reader over the course of 20 lessons.

Those 20 lessons can be broken up (and I highly suggest it if you have really little ones). reading-lesson

Keeping it a manageable pace for our daughter, we typically do about 2-3 pages/day.

You can buy the book separate or you can get it as a set with the The Reading Lesson with Giggle Bunny CD-ROM.

The two main results I was looking for with this curriculum were:

  • teaching my daughter reading fundamentals
  • have reading time be fun

The Reading Lesson delivers on both.

My Thoughts on The Reading LessonLearn how The Reading Lesson can be a fun and affordable way to teach your kids how to read.

As a parent,  what I appreciate about The Reading Lesson is how easy it is teach using it.

There's introductory material at the beginning that goes over the design and format of the curriculum and book.

It also gives guidance on how to approach lessons and suggestions on keeping interest.

Each lesson begins with a page of instruction, which made it easy for me to do a lesson with my daughter when she was engaged and excited. I had her set up our reading space while I took a minute to review

If you're curious about the book before buying a copy, you can check out and download the first three lessons here for free.


My Daughter's Reaction to The Reading Lesson

My four year old loves this guide and could wait to go over her lessons.

She also loved playing the games on the computer with Giggle, but we're using material on the CD as reinforcement and review for the lessons rather than as the main meat.

Even though we're still working through the lessons, our little girl is sounding out and reading words from signs, books, and the tablet.

She's thrilled to have some more independence with reading time and she is attempting to read to her little sister.

She is also writing words on her own – both from the reading list and asking people to spell out their names.

That's a big WIN in my book!

Thoughts on the Reading Lesson

I really enjoyed how the lessons were broken up and it was a fantastic tool to teach reading.

If you're a parent looking to have fun with your kid with reading, I recommend The Reading Lesson.

I'm always up to hearing from those who have gone through the process – what tools and books did you use with your kid?

Disclaimer: I received a copy from the publisher for the review. However, I was not compensated for this review post and my opinions are entirely my own

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