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Three Must-Read Money Books to Pick Up This Summer

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When we had our first chat about money – you know, the one where I discovered, I pretty much had a ton of debt and he only had a small student loan – it was a game changer for me.

You better believe I was trying to figure out ways to start getting out of debt.

Being a working college kid, my budget was already tight so I really was looking for some help that was low cost (or free).

And guess what?

I did find some really good help on creating a budget, getting a debt snowball up and running, and ways to save on my bills.

The two main sources?

Blog and books.

(I wasn’t into podcasts then, but now I think they are a fantastic option. Especially busy couples.)

This might make me seem old, but there weren’t too many personal finance blogs back then.

And unlike now, where you see people highlighting their FI number or side hustles (we made $10K last month!), it was really, well more humble goals.

Like getting out of $50,000 of debt.

Or paying off a car loan.

Learning about investing for the first.

But those real stories were what drew me in and I learned so much from them.

I began sharing our journey online, including getting out of debt. (You can an early net worth update with a $22,000 student loan balance here!)

Books are Gems

Some other resources that made a difference to me were books.

Maybe it’s because I’m a teacher’s kid, but I love reading ‘book’ books. I like having something in my hand that I can slip in and out of my purse as I’m going throughout my day.

I think books can be an affordable way to level up your finances on your schedule.

Just want to focus on a budget? Looking for ideas on becoming debt free? Need help with investing?

There’s a book for that.

And if you look at the prices for most paperbacks sell at your local bookstore or even Amazon and compare it to the value they give you, it’s really a fantastic deal.

If your local library has them, it’s practically a steal (in a good way!)

(And hey, if you grabbed your copy of Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money from your local library, awesome!


Look, I want you to win with money so I totally support you snagging a copy there.)

Being the happy nerd that I am, I’ve shared a few of my favorite books to help you get out of debt and become financially independent.

Today, though, I wanted to share a few new books out there now that can help you level this summer!

Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk 

If you have parents, Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk.

Talking about money with your parents can be awkward, but it is absolutely essential.

We’re in the middle of this now. I’ve been chatting with my mom about her retirement plans and ever so slowly we’re also getting into what-if scenarios about health and long term care.

Keeping it small with the chats, but if you need some ideas on how to get started on the topic, you got to pick up this book.

The Art of Being a Pita 

While office and ‘9-5’ jobs are still the norm (and can be a fantastic option), more people are switching to more flexible careers.

My buddy Shannah has a fantastic book, The Art of Being a Pita, on her journey and tips on how you can transition and pivot with your career!

The Everyday Bucket List Book 

Life is more than money. We all want to have some crazy dream or two (probably more) that we’d love to tackle.

Karen Cordaway shows you follow through on your own personal bucket list step by step with The Everyday Bucket List Book.

So if you’re going on a trip this summer, go grab a copy of these books!

While different, I love how these books can help you tackle some big goals.

Enjoy your weekend!

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