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A special thanks to each of you; 2016 has been a special year for many reasons and having you on board has made it enjoyable!

In case you’re a new reader, welcome! If you're a regular, I deeply appreciate your support.

As a way to wind down this year, I wanted to share some popular posts and podcast episodes of 2016.

Marriage and Money: Most Popular Posts from 2016

I started Couple Money because I wanted to have a safe space to discuss not only finances, but also the very deeply personal part of marriage.

There are challenges when you're combining your lives and finances can be especially tricky.

Some of the most popular posts from this year deal with the foundation of finding a common goal and some inspiring stories of couples who achieved big goals.

Money isn't the most important thing, but it can really mess up a marriage.

If you ever have a money question answered, go send it in. You can also chat with me on Twitter or Facebook.

Couple Money Podcast

The podcast has been growing since day one, but this year has been big.  If you haven’t caught an episode, please download a few or subscribe!

Here are 10 of the most popular shows in 2016:

2017 (and Beyond)

What topics and money questions do you want to see covered on the show? What stories do you want us to cover?

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