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Today Adam Baker from Man Vs Debt is opening up You Vs Debt for the second round. After learning about the program from Baker, I wanted to share and review some of my thoughts on the program.

You vs Debt Overview

I will say up front that I’m a fan of all of  Baker’s work on ManVs Debt and I think Adam's done a wonderful job with this course.

You vs Debt's Purpose and Goal

It's not just about getting out of debt, it's about the psychology of money. Baker and his team have put together a program designed to help people get control of their finances from debt reduction, budgeting, and lifestyle design.

Adam can speak about this because his family has personally through the process. He and his family have simplified their lives, traveled thousands of miles to the other side of the world, and crisscrossed the United States all the while paying down their debt.

Course Outline

Everyone who signs up for the class will start on the day, September 26.  It's a six week course that will takes you through the entire process of changing your mindset, getting rid of debt, uncluttering your life, and earning more money.

Here's a general course outline:

Week 1: Free Your Mind…

  • Day 1: Upside-Down Nation: Why Debt Doesn't Work
  • Day 2: Direct the Rider: Your Logical Mind
  • Day 3: Motivate the Elephant: Your Emotional Mind
  • Day 4: Shape the Path: Your Environment
  • Day 5: Rally Your Spouse and Loved Ones

Week 2: Less Excuses, More Action…

  • Day 8: Track Your Spending
  • Day 9: List Every Debt You Owe
  • Day 10: Pull You Credit Report
  • Day 11: Create Your Debt Tsunami
  • Day 12: Your Financial Network Map

Week 3: Suck It Up and Budget…

  • Day 15: Reject Credit Cards
  • Day 16: Cash vs. Debit vs. Credit
  • Day 17: Simple Budget Overview
  • Day 18: Detailed Budget Screencast
  • Day 19: Your 5-Step Financial Foundation

Week 4: Stop Buying “Crap”

  • Day 22: Needs Vs. Wants
  • Day 23: Slashing Expenses: Housing & Transportation
  • Day 24: Slashing Expenses: Insurance & Food
  • Day 25: Subscriptions, Contracts, & Routines
  • Day 26: How NOT to Suck at Negotiating

Week 5: You Should Be Making More Money

  • Day 29: Earning More Money Overview
  • Day 30: Sell Your Crap: Stuff vs. Crap
  • Day 31: Salary, Resumes, Job Hunting
  • Day 32: Escape from Cubicle Nation
  • Day 33: Get Your First Client or Sale

Week 6: Making it Stick

  • Day 36: You are Going to Fail
  • Day 37: Grow and Keep Momentum
  • Day 38: Analyze 30-Day Data
  • Day 39: Suggested Resources
  • Day 40: Mexican Fisherman's Parable

Who is This Guide For?

I would say that You Vs Debt is designed for those who are ready to get rid of their debt once and for all, but don't know where to start. 

The accountability incorporated into the program can be the extra nudge that some people need to reach their financial goal of becoming debt free.

Your Take on You vs Debt

If you took the program earlier this year, please share your thoughts on it in the comments!

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