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Cruising on a Bicycle for Health and Wealth

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Last week I was proud to post about finally sitting down with an attorney and getting our wills updated and our guardianship paperwork in order.

Motivated by the ‘win' I decided to move on to another goal I've had for a bit – getting a bicycle. (Yep, I'm growing a mustache!)

Why I Bought a Bicycle

There a few reasons why I decided to buy a bike. They include:

You probably may have thought that saving money would be the main factor since I blog about finances, but believe it or not, my main reason is health.

If you're on the fence about getting a bicycle, you may want to check out 30 benefits to owning a bicycle.

Buying a Bicycle

Looking at various bicycles I decided to keep it simple and went for a cruiser.

I don't have plans on being an avid biker, hitting the trails or racing, so getting an expensive with all the bells and whistles bike wouldn't really work for me.

If you're looking at a bicycle, here a few questions to think about so you can choose a bike that if right for you and your family.

Like finances, just getting started is often more important than finding the perfect solution.

If you're looking at grabbing a solid bike ask around for a few recommendations, weigh it against your needs, and just buy one.

Thoughts Switching Over to a Bicycle

I'd love to hear from you. For those who bike for commuting or errands, what motivated you to make the switch?

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