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Eating and Living Healthier As a Couple

eating better as a couple

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We've been working on our eating habits this year and we've been happy with the results. We've both dropped weight and we feel much better than we did before. My husband has lost about 25lbs and I've dropped 11lbs! What I'm most happy about is the fact that we lost the weight months ago and it's stayed off. Maintaining our weight has been relatively easy since we have a system in place. It's a bit like handling our finances – it took work at the beginning as we tried to figure what would work for us, but it gradually got easier.
I wanted to recap and review our food plan that we had in 2010 and highlight what we did right, what we did wrong, and what worked for us.

80/20 Rule for Our Eating Habits

I will be up front and let you know that we are not completely throwing out junk food in favor of healthy ones. We just managed it so we make healthier choice the majority of the time in order to have fun the rest of the time.

Making Breakfast a Routine

Having breakfast as part of our morning routine is an adjustment. Too often we’re grabbing coffee (or maybe a smoothie if we have time) and get started with the day. However we need to have our weekday morning be more like our weekend morning, by having a solid breakfast. Since time is an issue, we decided to have a cold cereal option to help us. We kept reading how skipping breakfast can sabotage your blood sugar and hinder weight loss. Having a good breakfast can increase your energy level and reduce your chances of gorging later.

Watching What We Drink

What we eat is only part of what we changed. We also reduced how many calories we took in by changing our drinking habits a little bit. It's a made a big difference.

Changing Up Our Grocery List to Eat Healthy

We've had to make some noticeable adjustments to our grocery shopping, but so far, they've been great.

If you need some ideas on sprucing up your diet, I recommend Nerd Fitness Guide. Not only can it get you on the right track with food, it has exercise routines based on your current fitness level.

General Shopping List for Us

I've mentioned it before,but I thought it might be a bit helpful to include our grocery shopping list for us. For vegetables and fruits, we vary it based on what's in season and on sale.


To save some money, I buy the big packs of meat and split them up into portions for multiple meals.

Fresh/Frozen Vegetables

We try to vary our vegetables up to keep it interesting to us. Here's what we usually include, but I know I'm still leaving some stuff out.

Fruits/Smoothie Material:

Yes, I sometimes get my fruit it by making smoothies.




We've cut down the amount of grains we usually eat and it's worked out well for us.


Thoughts on Eating Healthy as a Couple

What are you guys doing to eat better? What has been the hardest change? What has been an easy adjustment for you? How does your shopping list look like? Do you have any ideas or suggestions that could help us a bit more?

Photo Credit: Masahiro Ihara

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