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10 Fun and Frugal Dates to Try This Weekend!

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Last weekend for the $20 Date Night Challenge! How are things going?

I'm loving having some more time together. Even with the craziness of this month, we've worked hard to make sure we chilled as a couple.

This weekend we're mixing things up. Tonight I'm going out for ladies night with a few buddies to unwind while the guys watch the kids. Next week, we'll switch it so they can have a night out.

More Love, Less Money

One of my favorite sites to follow is Frugalwoods. If you've listened to the podcast, you'll remember that Liz and her husband Nate were able to retire in their 30s to their dream homestead by shifting their priorities and focus.

Liz usually has some fantastic posts on how you can simplify finances and lives and still have fun.

Recently they crowd-sourced date ideas as well as shared a few of their personal favorites.

And while the focus was Valentine's Day, the ideas and sentiment are true every day of the year – you two can have a great time together with spending a ton of money.

Some of the most romantic ideas rely more on creativity than what's in your wallet. Loved many of them, but a few that stood out to me were:

I enjoyed seeing the really interesting dates people came up with. You can read the rest of the thoughtful ideas here.

Fun and Frugal Dates

If you're looking for some more inspiration, here are some ideas to try:

Thoughts on Date Nights

Even though the challenge is wrapping up, I hope you continue making time for another!

I’d love to hear from you. What are your date night plans this weekend?

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