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Going out for a date can be a fantastic way to spend some time together and connect.

Besides blocking out time for dates, one struggle with going out often is the budget. It doesn't have to be though.

If you two are looking to have a great night out without breaking your budget, use this date night hack!

Date Like College Kids

When my husband and I were first met, we were both in college so our budgets were tight.

That didn't stop us from catching concerts together, eating out at hot spots, or enjoying festivals and events.

We found that with a little bit of planning, $20 could go pretty far.

You two can make some memorable dates together by giving it the old college try.

  • Campus Life: Speaking of college, why don't you check your local campus out to see what's going on? See campus productions of plays, attend a game, or watch a concert.
  • Tour a brewery: Find a local brewery in your city and take a couple of hours to tour it. Once you're finished, compare notes over pints.
  • Happy hour: One of our favorite spots in Norfolk, VA was a hole in the wall spot that had 50¢ tacos and half off drinks. Dig around and go out for the happy hour special at a restaurant by a local college campus.
  • Concerts: Upcoming and coming bands can offer better bang for your buck; check them out at smaller local venues and college campuses.
  • Lunch Dates: With kids and work, sometimes it's hard to have time together at night. Lunch dates have been a great for us. We meet up at a spot or grab something from a food truck. Cheap, but good eats.
  • Appreciate the architecture: When we went to Charleston for our anniversary, we spent a good deal of our time walking around appreciating the architecture. See what makes your city unique and take pictures of your favorite places and designs.
  • Town & City Festivals: Learn your community calendar and see what free festival is going on this month!

Have Fun with Your Date Nights

Don't forget we have the date night challenge going on this month.

Sign up and share your favorite ideas and dates with the hashtag #20dollardatenight. You could win some cash!

I'd love to hear from you. What are your date night plans this weekend?

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