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Date Night Idea: Wine & Paint with Friends at Muse Paintbar

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Looking for a date night idea where you two can get out, catch up with each other along with some friends, and create something?

Muse Paintbar could be the perfect spot for you. We did and had a ton of fun!

 Wine & Paint with Friends at Muse Paintbar

Last month we drove to over to Virginia to celebrate our friends' 17th anniversary. She knew that they were going as a family, but hadn't anticipated friends in it so it was a fantastic surprise and a get-together.

If you've never been to MuseBar, it's one part art studio and one part bar and restaurant with tapas to eat. Think of it as a paint and sip party.

Credit: Muse Paintbar

My first impression was how energetic the mood was – there were three areas for groups of different sizes to paint in.

We found our paint party over by the side.

Relaxed and Creative Fun

Before things started, a few of our friends grabbed something to eat and a glass of wine. There were also a few local brews there so my husband tried one out.

As you guys enjoy some wine and tapas, your group has an instructor who guides you through painting.

With our party, our friend chose a sweet and romantic painting appropriately called Wintery Embrace.

The only difference is our group did this painting on one canvas, not two.

You can get check out their entire art gallery here.  What I like is how you can choose based on theme, difficulty level, and medium. It's not just painting. You can also do wood signs, vases, and mason jars!

We had a lovely instructor who was encouraging us as we attempted to create our masterpieces.

For those interested in creating the painting, she offered step by step instruction, gave us tips and techniques, and nudged us to enjoy the process. 

Since my hubby and I were there together, I decided to do my own thing.

I knew we were going to hang these up around the house, so I wanted to have something different.

And that's fine.

Each group has plenty of supplies, so you can explore your own artistic side and still hang out with your friends.

I also discovered they do support local causes, donating 5% to support them. So if you're looking for a fundraising idea as well, Muse Paintbar can be a fun option.

Thoughts on Muse Paintbar

Even before we left, my husband and I decided we'd do it again. We really enjoyed the party. It was wonderful to get out of the house, hang out with friends, and have a keepsake we created.

So if you're looking for a fun evening, make it a paint night! See if there's a Muse Paintbar around your spot. They have locations spread around the country.


Now for the fun part. To celebrate how awesome you are, Muse Paintbar and I are giving away two tickets to one of their locations!

You can sign up and get all the details here!

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