School’s out – what are you up to? Today we’re talking about frugal and fun summer activities for your kids and for you!

Fun and Frugal Summer Activities for Kids

Summer break is here and so far, it’s been a blast.

As school was finishing up with my little one we headed over to Denver.

My cousin’s wedding was beautiful. We took the girls to the park to play and relax.
Got to go downtown, explore.
We tried some local brews.
Thanks to my mom, we had some extra date nights.

the next week was a bit more low key at home, but still fun.
with a couple of weeks left before our oldest goes back to school, we’re mixing things up so it’ll be a memorable summer and won’t break our budget.

Today we have two guests to give some ideas on making the most of your summer!

Aja from Principles of Increase and Paul Vassey of Cash Crunch Games are here to help make things easier.

In this episode, we get into:

  • how to find enriching and frugal activities around town
  • empowering your kids to become money savvy
  • ways to have a date night even when you’re both busy

Hope you enjoy!

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